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Like the epic literary salons of eras past - theaters for conversation and debate which were, incidentally, started and run by women; where the spirited debate about the issues of the day ran as copiously as the actual spirits did - but updated for the digital age, the Pierced Pomegranate Tavern is a fun forum for exploring questions ripe for discourse about the human condition & today's most crucial social issues through the medium of True Blood.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Great Revelation:True Blood Season 4 Premiere Party Menu Unveiled!!

Upon a mushroomes head
Our table-cloth we spread;
A grain of rye or wheat;
Is manchet which we eat;
Pearly drops of dew we drink
In acorn cups fill'd to the brink.
                              ~ Old Poem
      My friends, we have created a feast fit for a fairy! Inspired by this magical change of season, we partnered elements of  the summer solstice with important elements that will be highlighted in this season of True Blood. Think Afro-Caribbean, meets ancient pagan, meets Fairy!

     Our menu pays homage to our Celtic roots while celebrating the season of Litha (better known as Mid-Summer). The very same roots that are the cornerstones for modern day Wicca; a religious practice heavily represented in the new season of True Blood. As we rejoice in the return of the light, we remember that from here on our nights will begin to grow longer, as the Earth continues her revolution around the Sun. By gathering recipes from online sources and cookbooks, such as "The Healthy Hedonist: Holidays" by Myra Kornfeld, and  "Witch in the Kitchen: Magical Cooking for All Seasons" by Cait Johnson, we put together a meal that any Witch/Wiccan, Brujo, Fairy, Shifter, Were and yes, even Vampire (Tru Bloods will be served!) could enjoy.

       The Menu-

     "Titania's Cherry Soup" (shooters)- "This 'Mid-Summer Nights' dream of a first course would be right at home in a fairy court."  Dark sweet cherries blended with honey and lemon juice.

     "Strawberry Guacamole"- a gift to appease even the most mischievous of fairies, this surprising combination is  a treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds. Ripe avocados, lime juice, cilantro, and sliced scallions combined with fresh, sweet strawberries add depth to this already delicious dip.

     "Bite and Kiss" - This spicy Jamaican starter could not be more appropriately named! Fiery Jamaican Jerk seasoned shrimp (we have substituted chicken for the non-fish eaters and vegan chicken for the non-meat eaters) paired with vibrant mango salsa and sour cream dip to cool things off a bit!

     "Flowering Salad"This delightfully delicate salad is more art than appetizer. Lush green lettuce, crisp, crunchy cucumber, highlighted by a sprinkle of edible flower blossoms (eg. nasturtium, borage and calendula) all tossed with a light summer dressing.

     "Banana Corn Fritters"-  "An exotic appetizer that's savory, smoky and slightly sweet" Banana and cornmeal held together by a mixture of eggs, milk, cinnamon and a dash of heat, fried to a golden perfection.

     "Dirty Rice" - This Louisiana staple evokes  images of the bayou. Hot and sticky, this side dish will have you thinking that you're in Bon Temps!


     "Enchanted Berries"- "This dish is sheer elfin enchantment....the mysterious violet-blue flames remind us of magical winged creatures glimmering in the shadows just beyond our reach." Berries, berries and more berries, add a little sugar and a little more brandy, strike a match and admire.


     Mead- possibly one of the oldest alcoholic drinks in the world (and one Shreveport's resident Viking vampire would recall imbibing as a human), this honey based libation has been served at feasts and festivals for centuries.  For more on this keep an eye out for our upcoming post on our trip to the "Long Island Meadery".

     Berry Mojito- being the bartender that I am, I found great joy in coming up with a drink to fit this already great menu. A "quite delicious" mix dark red berries (a nod to the fruit that goes in to creating the "blood" used on the set of True Blood) light rum, mint and simple syrup. This cocktail is sure to please.

     Tru Blood- Sheer marketing genius, no True Blood premiere party should go without a bottle of this blood orange flavored soda!

    Assorted Teas- the perfect end to this Fairy Feast!


Thanks to the Victorian folklorists who traveled about the Irish, Scottish, and English countryside recording the old stories and ways, we know of many taboos to remember when visiting Fairyland (Skye, 2007). Sookie, unfortunately, has broken all of them. Don't make the same mistakes she did!

During your premiere party, follow these three simple rules to ensure that you and your guests return from the Otherworld unscathed:


As Michelle Skye writes in Goddess Alive! Inviting Celtic and Norse Goddesses into Your Life, the food and drink in Fairyland is imbued with the essence of the Otherworld and will leave you craving more to the extent that earthly fare will no longer satisfy you. Beware of food and drink offered to you in fairyland, and do not  take any until you know and trust the the beings giving it to you.


Fairies love to dance and make merry. Some mortals, stumbling upon the party, join in with the fair folk as they whirl in a spiral dance. If you see such a dance, stand on the sidelines and clap your hands. Do not dance with the fey as your human body will undoubtedly tire (as Sookie's part fairy body did), being unable to keep up with the otherworldly beings. We simply cannot keep up with the stamina of the fey when in their environment.


Given that allegedly a year has elapsed since we saw Sookie join hands with Claudine and dissolve in a flash of light and the S4 premiere, we can only assume that she has overstayed her welcome with the fair folk. Time in Fairyland shifts and twists; it's not linear and can be deceiving. Upon her return to the mortal world, Sookie - and you, if you're not careful - may find that things have changed dramatically!    

That and drink responsibly and enjoy the Season 4  Premiere!

We look forward to your next visit to the Pierced Pomegranate Tavern - now open for Season 4 business!!!

~ Rebecca & Rachel

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