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WELCOME! Thirsty for a fresh take on all things True Blood? Pull up a virtual barstool at the Pierced Pomegranate Tavern where sisters Rachel and Rebecca are serving up juicy feminist analysis with a twist and opening a vein of thoughtful sociocultural dialogue on HBO's hit series.

Like the epic literary salons of eras past - theaters for conversation and debate which were, incidentally, started and run by women; where the spirited debate about the issues of the day ran as copiously as the actual spirits did - but updated for the digital age, the Pierced Pomegranate Tavern is a fun forum for exploring questions ripe for discourse about the human condition & today's most crucial social issues through the medium of True Blood.

Your salonnières are not peddling liquor per se, but they are offering up new and alternative ideas informed by such diverse influences as pop culture, art, music, cultural history, Goddess studies, transformative theory, literature and poetry, and archaeomythology, filtered through the sieve of their own lived experiences as feminist women of a particular age, background, and culture.

This is a space where you - patrons and passersby alike - can view and engage with these perspectives through the lens of True Blood and contribute your own thoughts. So, no matter if you're a Truebie or a more casual viewer of True Blood, or your drink of choice is a pomegranate martini - one of Rachel's favorite cocktails to drink and Rebecca's to mix - an herbal tea, a frothy double mocha latte, or a can of Fresca (wink, wink) you're invited to join the conversation on the show's complexities in a way that can spark transformation.

Hopefully you'll find something to sink your teeth...err...straw, into! PLEASE ENJOY RESPONSIBLY ;-)


The Pierced Pomegranate Tavern is dedicated to exploring social issues and more through the lens of True Blood. As such, you may encounter:

related to the often provocative and adult themes presented by the show

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yes, Waiting Sucks...But It Sucks A Little Less Here At The Pierced Pomegranate Tavern!

It's only been a month since True Blood's Season 3 finale "Evil Is Going On" aired on September 12th, 2010, but if you're like us that's enough time to start feeling the effects of withdrawal.

Tell me, has the show's absence left you feeling such a sense of loss that you're going a little crazy... the point that you feel like screaming at the top of your lungs?

Has staring into the eight month abyss between now and Season 4's premiere left you feeling depressed and forlorn?

Do you find yourself looking for new friends to help you pass your empty Sunday nights?

Have the long hours spent up watching reruns given you a serious case of the bleeds?

Has the prospect of living without True Blood until June driven you so mad that you're thinking about taking your wrath out on others...

...Or left you so despondent that you're considering more drastic action?

If so - fear not, dear Truebies! You don't have to suffer alone - so drop that stake, step away from the sunlight, and for goodness sake get off that cult's bus!!! 

Here at the Pierced Pomegranate Tavern we've got the perfect antidote for what ails you...and no, we're not suggesting that you hit the hooch to drown your sorrows...

...Not literally, at least. Pull up a virtual barstool and we'll slake your thirst for True Blood with thought-provoking discussion and analysis on Seasons 1-3 of the show that describes as:
Just pretentious enough to avoid playing like grindhouse fare, letting its ideas (about race, gender, sexual orientation, what have you) simmer on the artsy-fartsy backburner while blood and lust boil away in the low-culture pot up front.
And calls:
...that odd mix of kitschy, campy, over-the-top ridiculousness and weighty, message-laden social commentary.
Alan Ball himself calls True Blood "popcorn TV for smart people", and we all know that salty foods can make one pretty darn thirsty. Why not spent the long months until Season 4 drinking up pieces like:
  • "Ain't I a Woman?": Protection, Privilege & Preferential Treatment
  • The Heroine's Journey: A Non-Linear Path
  • The Great Goddess in Bon Temps
  • True Blood Reenacts Persephone's Ordeal...or Initiation?
  • Annihilating HER Again: The Suppressed History of Goddess Culture's Violent Overthrow Resurrected
  • MINE
  • The Shifter's Tale: A Passing Narrative?
  • Good Girls, Bitches, Fang Bangers, & Powerful Women
  • An (Unlikely) Ecofeminist Philosopher
  • Real Girl Power: Sisters in Solidarity
  • A Series on Tomorrow's Man Today
Part I: The Liminal Man
Part II: A Wounded Warrior
Part III: Chivalry is Undead
Part IV: The Ladies Man...And It's Not Who You Think
Part V: The Ladies Man...And It Is Who You Think

These are just a few of the ideas we're distilling. Before we serve up any of these tasty libations we'll present a piece Rebecca's been mixing up on feminisim itself involving some informal research she's conducted on how everyday people see feminism and feminists; it will offer a great segue to a discussion of our feminist frame.

Here's a fun game...or a challenge, depending on how you look at it -  match the True Blood characters below to the essay titles above! Some are more obvious than others. For example: Maryann=The Great Goddess in Bon Temps (Hint - NOT the right answer). There can be more than one character matched with each title, and some charactrers might go with multiple titles. 




Good Luck!

Rebecca's up next with a discussion of feminism...hope you'll join in!

~ Rachel     

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