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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Spice Latte, Acorn Bombs, and Shout Outs as I (Nay, We!) Eagerly Await Rebecca's Think Piece on Feminism

Pumpkin Spice Latte is my beverage of choice today which is not so unusual in the month of October, the month that cradles so many of my favorite wedding anniversary & birthday, Halloween, all things Fall i.e. pumpkin everything, apple picking, changing leaves, and a relatively new addition to the autumnal lineup: my annual "Shocktober Movie Marathon" which just so happens to be taking place today - it's that spine tingling moment of truth when our family members gather to support each other as one of us faces our film nemesis - the movie which above all others has singularly terrorized and haunted us.

In 2008 - the inaugural "Shocktober" year - it was Rebecca's "The Amityville Horror". Last year it was our father's laughable "Creature from the Black Lagoon". This year, it's my turn - and I'm finally facing "Candyman" which I haven't seen since the age of 15 when after watching it for the first (and only) time with a slightly sadistic boyfriend who repeated Candyman, Candyman, Candyman over and over on the short ride home from the movie theater I slept in my sister's room for about a week!

As I write this post I can hear acorn bombs dropping outside, making their characteristic "kerplunk" on whatever they hit - the aluminum roof of the shed, the cars in the driveway, the asphalt street. Did you know that for the ancient Druids, the oak tree was symbolic of deep wisdom? Meditating on this called up for me lyrics from rapper Jeru the Damaja's "You Can't Stop the Prophet", a song that begins with the protagonist peering into the sky, trying to decipher the object hurtling toward him, then announcing, "One day I got struck by knowledge of self" (Hardy, 1999).

Dropping knowledge, not the bombs of war...I like that! Reminds me of yet another song; have you ever heard Arrested Development's "Raining Revolution" off their 1992 Grammy-winning album 3 Years, 5 Month and 2 Days in the Life of ?

It's raining revolution
 It's raining solutions
The rain this time I feel is mental

The goal of this rain I feel is spiritual
If not, you are truly missing something! Rebecca and I had the privilege of seeing the band perform this past summer here on Long Island and it was one of the highest energy shows we have ever been to; it reminded us how great socially conscious and spiritually aware hip hop can be. You can check out part of this amazing song courtesy of YouTube user mdzura03:


Knowledge of self, and self-in-society, is critical to the change process. Autumn is a transitional time for reflection and introspection; as leaves fall and oak trees drop their knowledge on us we're reminded to turn inwards.

During these days of waning light and overflowing harvest cornucopias, what changes do YOU want to make - within yourself, and within society - since inner and outer change are inextricably linked? Can themes explored in True Blood help us identify some of the things that need changing in our lives and in the world?

I'd say are a few more pieces I'm brewing up along those lines for your reading (and hopefully commenting) pleasure; I lifted the titles for the first three from True Blood episode titles or lines of dialogue from Season 2 & 3:
  • "Pack of Wolves"
  • "There is NO Excuse for Domestic Violence"
  • "Take It To Him Tommy": Passage to Manhood through a Crucible of Violence
  • Paradigm Shift: Images of Holism in True Blood 
Now, I know we've got something very special and thought-provoking to look forward to in Rebecca's forthcoming think piece on feminism. How can I be so sure? We spent Friday night in NYC celebrating our friend Kristina's birthday with her (shout out to the birthday girl who told us she reads this blog even though she doesn't even watch True Blood!!!) - and reconnecting with another friend Michelle; plus I got to meet some great ladies Rebecca already knows like Nicole and Christie. On the train ride in, Rebecca revealed some of the elements she is scrupulously laboring to mix up into her tempting cocktail of a post - so I know it's going to be good, but we'll just have to...wait for it!

And on that note...I'm signing off for now. I've got to mentally prepare myself for the Candyman onslaught! Wish me luck. Until next time...

~ Rachel

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