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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Just popping in to grab a quick order of something hot with lots of caffeine...maybe a nice mug of hot cocoa...'cause I'm burning the waaayyyy past midnight oil getting ready for our first-ever trip to Dragon Con!

Your salonnières are braving what's been dubbed "the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the universe" which takes place each Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, Georgia in hopes of getting into the three True Blood panels that are taking place over the course of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

True Blood actors Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte), Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam) Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette Reynolds) & Michelle Forbes (Maryann Forrester) will be on hand to discuss their work on the show, participate in a "True & A" session, and address the intriguing theme of "Sin and Salvation in Bon Temps".

Should make for an interesting weekend, to say the very least.

We'll be blogging about our experiences at Dragon Con and with the True Blood panels. Hope to see you there!

~ Rachel


  1. Bonjour Mes Amies/Mes Salonnieres... I get comfortable here in your very 'European...Epicurean...'...Environment..I can't help but wonder what do your eyes behold as you gaze upon the..."Old South"??? ...Is it what you expected???? there...something missing, perhaps...something you can't quite put your fingers on???? ...Just wonderin'...'cuz...from where I sit...I'm thinkin'...well...the 'times' they say(whoever 'they' are)...are a' changin'...and...from this 'Yankees' point of view...nothing's quite changed so much in the past 150 years in the U.S. as life in the South as 'they' (oops...there 'they' are again...that...ubiquitous...'they') we/they know do you have to say about that...ladies???...what stance do you think your..."True Blood" taking regarding the breakdown of tradition in the the Society in general...or...if I may be so the world...???
    ...As an...'Anonymous' passerby I'm...just wonderin'...
    'Til next time...PEACE
    PS...By the way..."What's a gal gotta do to get a drink around here"???

  2. Hey anonymous passerby, thanks for your interest, great qustions, and for taking the time to leave a message! First off, let me say, all you gotta do around here to get a drink is to "order" one! If it's a nice cup of tea or something I've just got to pop the top on, I'm your woman, step right up to the bar and order a beverage that reflects your mood or state of mind so we can get to know you better. If it's something a little more complicated that you're looking for, let's say, a cocktail, or heaven forbid, a cup of coffee (anyone who knows me from my failed days as a restaurant employee knows I don't know how to brew a pot) it's my sister you'll need, she's the professional drink slinger.

    Anyway, as for the Old South, as you might pick up from Rebecca's post on Dragon Con Part One, we were far more immersed in the foreign culture of the Con itself to really be able to soak up Southern culture. As Yankee girls, we've ventured south of the Mason-Dixon line only a few times in our lives, to Maryland, Virginia, Florida, and most recently Louisiana (our beloved New Orleans and its environs, to be exact), North Carolina, and on Labor Day weekend to Atlanta, Georgia for DCON, and each time, we've tried to get a sense of the culture by ordering local brews and wines, partaking of the food and nightlife, i.e. hitting up live music venues, the natural environment, historical places, etc. and I will say that I have noticed, Southerners we have come in contact with have never frowned upon as as Northerners, to the contrary they have gone out of their way to be ambassadors for The South, trying hard to prove that true culture can be found in their towns and cities and to make us feel welcome.

    Rebecca has noticed some of the "Southern feel" that seemed to permeate True Blood in season 1 seems to be lacking or has been marginalized, maybe she'll discuss that further in a future post.

    For my part, I will be posting some pictures of our foray South and some more observations about our limited exposure to Downtown Atlanta soon.

    Let me close by giving a "shout out" to all the warm and interesting Southerners we met at DCON, and a promise to explore this theme further in future posts.