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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dragon*Con Part II...of Part II

OK, let's continue, shall we?

What I'd really like to talk about now are the events of our second full day at the con, Saturday 9/4/10...starting with the wee hours of the morning.

I don't think most people spend their Friday nights while on vacation agonizing over the written word, but then again we're not like most people. That's exactly how we spent our Friday night; laboring to construct the perfect panel question. You see, Saturday's panel was entitled, "True and A" and with a name like that we assumed that it would be mostly dedicated to taking audience questions. We had given both Nelsan and Sam forewarning that we would have questions for them at "True and A" when we met them on Friday on the Walk of Fame so we knew we had to bring it. Our goal was to come up with a question each that would convey the depth of analysis and the intent of this blog, since we had given the True Blood stars we met before the panel our business cards and encouraged them to check it out. It took hours of brainstorming, riffing off each other's ideas, and littering our hotel room floor with the confetti of our failed attempts...

draft "True and A" questions that didn't make the cut
...but by about 1AM we had each hammered out a panel question that we were satisfied with.

Jump to Saturday morning, go time. We made sure to get to the panel nice and early and we were rewarded with a front row, right of center seat. By this time, we were both more nervous than we had ever been before in our lives. Ever.

As we surveyed the calm before the storm...

empty dais just prior to "True & A"

we knew that we were well prepared with our carefully crafted questions, but when faced with a packed house...

full house for "True & A"
 ...a True Blood panel which that day boasted four cast members...

Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette Reynolds)

Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte)

Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam)

Michelle Forbes (Maryann Forrester)

the entire (rather intimidating) cast panel

...and even an out-for-blood Maenad in the audience to boot...

...we rapidly started to lose our nerve. Fortunately, we had met a very nice guy named John who was seated to my left; he showed us his autograph collection book and engaged us in friendly conversation which helped distract us (a little bit) from our encroaching anxiety.

But when the moderator took the stage, announcing the start of "news hour with Russell Edgington and Tiffany with the weather", we knew it was on. After some introductory remarks and questions to the panel, he asked any audience members with questions to begin lining up in the center aisle. I quickly shot out of my seat and knelt down in front of my chair, back facing the panel, to put my camera in my bag. Looking up at Rebecca who was seated to my right with what could only have been saucer eyes of trepidation, I said, "you coming"? Her answer was yes, but her expression was unsure; for a moment I thought I would have to go it alone. Seconds later we were both striding up the aisle towards the question line, knees wobbly and hearts in our throats...with our new friend John suprisingly right behind us!

Alas, my lunch hour is over and I must return to work. This is my attempt at a True Blood-style cliffhanger ;-) I'll be back later to let you know what happened next...

~ Rachel

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