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Monday, July 25, 2011

Why wouldn't Hoyt like Jessica's vlog?

As you can see from our response to Season 4 thus far, we're pretty interested in the story arc following Hoyt & Jessica's relationship, or - as we like to say using a play on Alan Ball's words (AB has said that one of the themes he wants to explore through the show is the "terrors of intimacy") - the "terrors of domesticity".

Jessica Hamby's vlog Babyvamp Jessica (not a typo, short for "video blog") offers a great extension of this True Blood subplot; it brings added emotional tone and tenor to its characters, twists, and turns.

Her first two posts of 2011 were put up three days before the Season 4 premiere episode "She's Not There" aired, likely as a means of adding to the media buzz while, at the same time, feeding the appetites of Truebies hungry for anything True Blood.

Aside from being a marvelous marketing ploy, Jessica's June 23rd posts open a new window on her relationship with Hoyt.

Here's the first one; Jessica's hiding out in the backyard to tape the vlog from a disapproving Hoyt...

Jessica's Blog: Blowin' Smoke

...and the second; he's found that she's still vlogging by rustling through her private things.

Here's some of the serious questions these posts have raised for me about the dynamics of Jessica & Hoyt's relationship:

  • Why doesn't Hoyt like her vlog? Is it because he's a quiet, private person who fears such a public platform will lead to an invasion of their privacy? Has he become controlling? Maybe he'd like Jessica to himself, instead of having to share her with the anonymous Internet "friends" she discloses personal things to in each post? Has he communicated clearly with her as to why he is uneasy with it, can they strike a mutual understanding that will work for both of them?
  • Must Jessica hide any action of hers she thinks Hoyt won't like or disagree with?
  • How can they both ride the razor's edge of maintaining their individual identity while being part of a relationship - not let the "me" be subsumed by the "we"? Can they learn to allow each other the space they need, or will one smother the other? Can they respect each other's privacy/choices within the context of their relationship?     
  • What are the consequences of Jessica's continuing to do something she told Hoyt she would stop - and his finding out about it via snooping? Will this whittle the foundation of trust a relationship should be built upon further? Will they have an open and honest discussion or will this drive her further underground with her vlogging? Give rise to his further snooping?
  • Should Hoyt have veto power over Jessica's activities and pursuits? What is the role of compromise in healthy relationships? If he can legitimately make the case that her vlog is negatively impact him and/or their relationship does she have a responsibility to her partner to be considerate of his feelings and stop the behavior that is upsetting to him?
  • What role in her life is Jessica's vlog playing; what needs is it fulfilling? If it is an important outlet for her, should she have to hide it/give it up? Should Jessica and Hoyt - who are both somewhat isolated in their relationship, without family support or many close friends - be exploring ways to build up their supportive circle together?

What do you think? Has anything similar ever happened in your relationship? How do you negotiate the terrors of intimacy; of domesticity? I'm curious, please let me know in the comments section below!

~ Rachel

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